client therapy services
Dr. Heather Ehinger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of New York and Connecticut. Dr. Ehinger treatment style is engaging and empathetic, and her focus is to improve the relationships with her clients, through effective systemic integration involving a solution focused Strategic process. She offers a wide variety of specialized client therapy services that cater to your specific needs and goals. The method can include multigenerational work, including the use of self and compassion for creating optimal well-being of her clients. Her belief is the ability to empower one’s self with an intentional and insightful knowledge of past and present circumstances will push through most mental health concerns and profoundly change one's outlook on life.
Dr. Ehinger works in private practice and provides relational therapy to high-conflict individuals and couples, and high conflict divorcing couples. She is a trained Guardian ad Litem in the state of Connecticut, a Parenting coordinator and coach for families in transition, separation, or divorce.
Dr. Ehinger uses an integrative systemic approach focusing on restructuring and goal setting while simultaneously addressing deep spiritual wounds. Using a holistic approach to family challenges and concerns, Dr. Ehinger primarily concentrates on the lives of children and families.

Client Therapy Services

• Couples Sessions
• Family Sessions
• Adolescents/Young Adults
• Guardian ad Litem
• Blended Families
• Divorce Consultant for Individuals, Couples or their Legal or Professional Advisors
• Post-Divorce Recovery/Support
• Mood Disorders
• Self-Esteem
• Relationship Struggles
• Individual Sessions
• Child Custody Consulting
• Failure to Launch
• Broken Relationship Ties
• Post-Divorce Parenting Support
• Addiction/Co-Dependency (Including Love Addiction)
• Empowerment